Disrupting the course of aviation investment.


Comprehensive web application dedicated to decentralising aviation investments, with a primary emphasis on fostering transparency.

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Who they are


Adax is a pioneering web application at the forefront of decentralising aviation investments.

With a core focus on promoting transparency within the aviation sector, Adax provides a comprehensive platform that revolutionises the way investments in aviation are managed.

Adax aims to create a more inclusive and accessible environment for aviation stakeholders, offering a streamlined and secure solution for managing and monitoring investments.

Their commitment to transparency not only enhances trust among investors but also contributes to the overall efficiency and accountability of the investment processes.

Adax stands as a pioneer in reshaping the landscape of aviation investment through its innovative approach.

What they faced


When Adax presented us with their vision, they were in need of more than just a brand; they required a comprehensive identity that resonated seamlessly with their mission.

Recognising the opportunity to shape a unique and compelling brand, we took charge of the entire creative journey – from conceptualisation to the ultimate realisation of Adax's identity.

Crafting the solution


Our journey with Adax commenced with an immersive brand sprint, an integral step in gaining a panoramic understanding of their vision and overarching brand strategy. This encompassed a meticulous exploration of their values, target audience, competitive landscape, and a forward-looking 5-year timeline.

This immersive approach, a cornerstone in our design philosophy for every new client, plays a pivotal role in shaping our design decisions throughout the entire process. With a clear understanding of Adax's essence, we embarked on the exhilarating task of constructing an identity that would seamlessly align with their disruptive vision.

Our collaborative efforts transformed into dynamic, interactive workshop sessions where the team synergised to extract a myriad of ideas. This creative crucible served as the foundation for defining the Adax identity, ensuring its alignment with the company's mission.

Banging impact


Through a fusion of innovative thinking and collaborative spirit, we sculpted an identity that not only resonates with Adax's ethos but also propels their disruptive vision into the forefront of the aviation investment landscape.



"The Bang made a brand that feels so... perfect. It meets the needs of the company exquisitely and sets the benchmark for the industry. Fantastic."

Joel Lyon


Joel came to us with a concept and nothing else, The Bang are the entire Design department for all aspects of Adax; Brand, Raising, Product, Web and marketing.

The Bang


The Bang