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the UK's Best Mortgage Broker, helping homebuyers & remortgagers maximise the amount they could borrow through standard, family guarantor and shared ownership mortgage schemes.

Product Design

Who they are


Tembo is the UK’s leading family mortgage broker. With the support of loved ones, they help first-time-buyers to increase their deposit, or boost their income so they can buy a home sooner.

Tembo are disrupting the mortgage sector by making complex mortgage techniques accessible to everyone. We’ve helped them in acheiveing this with a full rebrand, a scalable design system and an award-winning product.

They first came to us in 2020 looking for some design improvements to their website. When they saw what we produced they quickly decided The Bang would be their design team for everything.

What they faced


When Tembo approached us they already had a website live. The design was passable but had poor brand positioning and was struggling to concisely explain their complex idea to their customers.

They knew what they wanted but they didn’t know how to get there.

They had a limited budget and tight timescales so they couldn’t afford the recruitment to find a great designer for their team.

They were preparing for talks with investors and needed support creating investor packs to dazzle!

They had a poorly performing, overly-complicated customer journey which needed careful UX attention.

They were also looking to scale up but they didn’t have the design infrastructure in place.

Crafting the solution


As with any project, whether it includes branding or not we start with a brand sprint. A brand sprint allows us to align with our clients on the brand and business goals. Learn more about brand sprints.

The brand sprint helped us identify a poor brand positioning with their current identity. They came to us with a very fintech focused design language which didn’t align with their target audience. We created a whole new visual identity which suited their vision of being a lifestyle brand.

Part of our task was to help explain the financial complexity of Tembo in a jargonless way to their non-fintech customers. A tough task! We worked closely with end users to simplfy their message, finding the perfect combination of words and imagery to get this just right.

The third aspect to our role was to turn their unique, labrynthine customer questionnaire into a smooth user journey.

We lead a number of workshops to carefully define the full end-to-end customer journey. Tembo also needed scalable design infrastructure in place to take them to the next level in their lifecycle. We facilitated this by building out their custom design system (library of reusable components) learn more about design systems.

This design system used their new look and feel and could be adopted by all departments from marketing to development, creating a cohesive visual language across the whole company.

Banging impact


We combined their new look and feel with a bespoke customer experience to turn Tembo into an award winning company.

In 2022 alone they won: Best Newcomer and Best Mortgage Broker; in the British Bank Awards.



"The guys got us to wher we are today - branding, product, direction, they nailed it. I couldn't recommend a better studio to create a fintech company."

Eddie Ross


On the back of the brand & product we help craft, Tembo are winning awards across the board, and have just began their journey acquiring other companies to boost their position in the market.

The Bang


The Bang