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Raising Investment

Who they are


Embark approached us before they even had a name with a clear mission: to build a lending platform for research-based companies, streamlining their access to grant funding from the government.

Their unique proposition involves providing loans based on already-approved but unreleased research grants, aimed at accelerating innovation for startups.

Despite getting approval & sign-off for funding, governmental bureaucracy means startups often find themselves waiting many months for their grants to be sent to them.

Embark aims to revolutionise this process by allowing startups access to their money almost immediately, removing the unnecessary roadblocks for innovation in Australia.

What they faced


With Embark being a fresh-faced startup when they came to us, finding their feet as soon as possible was crucial. Their first aim was to raise their own round of funding on a tight budget and timeline.

We initially worked with them to help make their pitch and deck the best it could be to sell their mission before they even had a brand or a product.

Crafting the solution


After our initial workshops with Embark, it became apparent that it made sense to start on their brand identity alongside the pitch deck.

The purpose of branding is to portray how you want to be received by the world. Usually this refers to customers but when it comes to pitching we are first trying to appeal to potential investors.

Investors are exposed to endless proposals, part of our mission was to give them a positive affiliation with Embark at first glance, taking out one of the decisions they have to make straight away and allowing the focus to be on the business proposal itself after the aesthetic & tone has already grabbed their attention.

We refined our logo & brand identity concepts from sketches into something real, then fed elements of the brand into the deck to elevate it.

The final piece of Embark’s initial pitch proposal was to show what the product could actually look like. We designed the first version of their website, including their mission, process, and a contact page.

Banging impact


Armed with this full suite, Embark successfully raised their target fundraising and are now well underway building!

They’re now off and running, and we’re proud to be refining the pitch designs and working closely with them on their next steps.

Watch this space!



"They've brought Embark to life and have found away to set us apart from the rest."

Damien Petty


Embark was the 11th startup we’ve help helped raise investment, keeping up our 100% track record.

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