Hunt. Extract. Win.


Win real world prizes in a next-gen treasure hunt extraction shooter game for iOS and Android.

Product Design

Who they are


Planet-X is the worlds first live treasure hunt experience powered through mobile gaming. A global competition accessible to anyone, it’s a web2 game with web3 built in, it’s the first of its kind combining traditional gaming with NFTs and real world prizes.

Planet-X are changing the game, literally! And we’ve been there from the very beginning! Utilising our expertise in branding, product design, animation, 3d art, web design and animation, we’ve helped Planet-X build a leading brand and experience in the web3 space.

Since starting in 2020 we’ve been Planet-X’s complete design team!

What they faced


When we started with Planet-X they had a rough, but very cool, concept for a an exciting mobile game, but no idea how to make that a reality. They actually had a different name altogether.

They had a very ambitions plan, to create something which has never been done before, something huge… But they had no investment yet.

Crafting the solution


As always we began with a brand sprint to help align everyone’s understanding of the brand concept and the businesses goals. The brand sprint allowed us to come up with a cool name and a very clever brand positioning. In turn, it also sparked some amazing ideas which have helped make Planet-X what it is today.

We created an impactful, punchy, bold and futuristic brand which has facilitated Planet-X’s powerful emergence into the gaming space. This visual identity perfectly aligns with their visionary founder’s ambitious plan.

The next aspect was to create a prototype app to prove the concept to investors. With that initial, very lean, very cost-effective, prototype we were able to blow investors socks off and secure an investment of over £2 million pounds (another successful investment story to add to our book, we have a 100% success rate in getting projects the funding they were looking for).

With the investment in place we assisted Planet-X in building out their initial superstar development team to start making the dream a reality. Embedding our product designers in the development team and fleshing our a comprehensive design system, we have worked tirelessly for three years to build the most beautiful mobile experience that gaming has ever seen.

The next stage was to get their web presence up and running so they could start effectively building and tracking their fanbase. We used our skills with Webflow and various other low-code tools to build an award-worthy web experience, which has been key in building the incredible platform as it is today.

On top of branding and product design we have also lead the direction for all of Planet-X’s marketing efforts, using our vast skillset in graphic and animation we have started them on an incredible social media journey building their fan base to 30k followers on Twitter (as of December 2023).

Banging impact


Our work has helped Planet-X build their team from a solo founder to a collection of 30+ individuals, develop one of the most beautiful mobile experiences the gaming industry has ever seen, grow a huge fanbase which includes celebrities & influential pro-gamers and create one of the most complex and leading NFT projects in web3.

Their journey has only just begun. The hunt is on!



These guys are something else. Planet-X wouldn't exist without them. They're so creative and an unmatched talent. From brand to product - they're something special.

James Ashton, CEO & Founder


Planet-X came to us as a concept, it's now a team of 30+ running iOS, Android, and the most stunning Unity game the market has seen.

The Bang


The Bang