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Product Design

Who they are


Mojo is an award winning online mortgage broker. They not only cover the entire market so every option is available for everyone, but they walk you through entire home buying process from learning what a mortgage really involves, to getting the keys.

We should know, our co-founder bought his house using them.

Mojo approached us in 2019 wanting a few things; a rebrand & a website, and a product that makes a difference. After a couple of workshops they were sold, and we became their design partner for everything.

What they faced


When Mojo came to us, they already had a website live. It was the classic blue ‘fintech’ feel which focussed a lot on the tech and not much the financial. There was no brand, just a squiggly M logo and this blue colour. As a result, there was no personality and they were finding it increasingly difficult to gain traction with their users.

They knew where they needed to be but they didn’t know how to make it happen.

Their budgets were tight so couldn’t make enough permanent hires to get the job done, and investor pressures meant they needed to see results as fast as possible.

Their digital web app wasn’t performing - it was convoluted and lacked elegance and a steady flow.

They were also looking to scale up but they didn’t have the design infrastructure in place.

Crafting the solution


We firstly focussed on the brand. Nailing the brand would cascade benefits into each department at Mojo and see improvements across the board and get everyone signing from the same hymn sheet.

So we kicked things off, as always, with a Brand Sprint. It allows us to align with them and understand every aspect of who they are and what they face.

The sprint showed the pit falls of what they currently have, but also the opportunities and lanes Mojo can play in to gain traction in the market.

So we crafted them a new brand. We gave them a new logo, a suit of unique bespoke illustrations, a colour scheme & style that sets them apart and ultimately a brand to be proud of.

Next, the Design System. We created a fully functional repeatable component library still used by their growing internal teams to this day. It inherits every brand attribute we created, ensuring harmony from start to finish of the customer experience.

Once a strong visual foundation was in place, we then crafted the new Mojo experience. Their product was disjointed, overly complicated and it didn’t feel like a company that know mortgages inside and out.

We lead workshops in person to figure out the core flows and what could be done differently whilst adhering to the industries red tape. Following that, we crafted prototypes to get buy-in from stakeholders, and ultimately revolutionised the Mojo way of doing things.

Banging impact


On release of the brand & new product, Mojo won ‘Innovation of the year’ & ‘Best Mortgage Broker’ at the British Banking Awards.

We increased their final customer conversion over 400% with the solution we designed, not too shabby.

Our design work on this project paired with the Mojo leadership team lead to them being acquired by RVU, who then took us on to continue designing or them & their other companies.



"Creative, accurate, and a joy to work with. They help get us out our comfort zone and push us to better solutions."

Matt Grattage


The Bang increased Mojo's conversion 400%+ after our first pass improving their digital experience.

The Bang


The Bang