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A B2B platform that provides automated accounting, seamless multi-currency payments & approval workflows

Product Design
Design System

Who they are


Nook is a digital first company pushing the boundaries of traditional invoicing & payments. Their aim is to leverage the latest tech to create a lightning fast, transparent & secure product.

Nook came to us with an existing design for the product, but wanted The Bang to really take it back to the bones and analyse the UX while applying a refreshed look & feel.

What they faced


When Nook first approached us, they already had a product that was built in-house. It worked fine and allowed them to visualise the product, but it needed a little bit of love and consistency in it’s visual direction.

The business challenge for Nook was to provide value that sets them apart from the competition. They do this through a variety of features such as automating payments, multi-currency support and wallets (more on that below).

Crafting the solution


We always kick off our design process with a brand sprint, which helps us and the Nook team get on the same page about brand and business goals. This deep dive into Nook's core allowed us to understand their vision better.

Our designers started by brainstorming ideas, using existing platforms as a starting point to spark inspiration and begin bringing our concepts to life.

Once we settled on a visual style, we collaborated with the Nook team to smoothly integrate the new look into their existing product. We aimed for a gradual transition to minimise disruption for users.

Our main focus was improving the user experience, making it easier for users to manage money and invoices while feeling confident in the process.

Throughout the project, we kept communication open and frequent with Joe and the team, ensuring we were all on the same page.

The web app was our primary target, designed primarily for desktop but also considering smaller screens for a seamless experience across devices.

Banging impact


Nook now has a cohesive and scalable design system with which they can grow the product, alongside a visual language they can adhere to across the company allowing them to operate harmoniously in all channels.



"It's been a pleasure working with The Bang. The attention to detail has been incredible and their knowledge of the financial space took us by surprise."

Joe Lines


We took Nook from a bootstrapped idea to a stunning player in the fintech space in 4 months of design & implementation.

The Bang


The Bang