Silk & Sonder

America's #1 journaling program to help bring your goals to life.


Focusing on your daily rituals, Silk & Sonder empowers individuals to cultivate positive habits, enhance focus, unlock potential, and reach personal milestones.

Product Design

Who they are


Silk & Sonder is an innovative program and thriving community dedicated to nurturing self-care and promoting mental wellness.

Aiming to empower individuals to cultivate a life marked by productivity, fulfilment, and positivity, their platform focuses on positive psychology, bullet journaling, and cognitive behavioural therapy.

Through their thoughtfully designed monthly wellness planners, enriching daily audio programming, and the support of a private community, Silk & Sonder provides a comprehensive and transformative solution to elevate emotional well-being.

What they faced


Their growing roadmap included a range of new features to their app, as well as improvements to existing features, and they were looking for design resource to help them scale the product.

They came to us looking for expertise in helping rectify these issues while taking the opportunity elevate the overall design language promptly and efficiently without too much rework for their team.

Crafting the solution


We started with a brand sprint, getting a comprehensive view of the brand as a whole, this included their values, audience, competitors, as well as a 5 year timeline. We do this with every new client, it’s a hugely important part of the design process for us, helping inform every design decision going forward.

After deciding on an refreshed design direction, we then slotted into the Silk & Sonder team’s weekly sprints to work on improving existing features.

Being embedded into their process meant we were creating solutions in tandem with the development team, instead of designing in silo and throwing them over the fence old-school waterfall style.

Banging impact


As a result of working so closely with their development team on new & improved features for the Silk & Sonder platform, each new update improved engagement and heightened user trust & loyalty.



"They're extraordinary at taking a loose vision and bringing it to visual life while keeping the user experience top of mind."

Meha Agrawal, Founder

Silk & Sonder

96% of users now consider Silk & Sonder an essential part of their self-care routine.

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