How UX design services can elevate your brand


Written by

Luke Medlock

Why user experience design matters

No matter the offering, brands must produce exceptional user experiences at all touch points to gain a market share. The experiences you offer play a crucial role in determining the success of your brand.

Making sure visitors convert into customers through these experiences is essential and should be your top priority.

A good user experience (UX) can make your brand stand out, building loyalty, trust, and support from customers. That's where The Bang and in particular our UX design services can help.  We prescribe and implement a potent blend of experience, strategy, and creativity to elevate your brand to new heights.

The cost of acquiring new customers is constantly rising. One study has said it increased as much as 222% between 2013 and 2022. Competing with the companies on spend alone who have budgets that can handle that rise is going to be hard, but not impossible.

By changing the focus onto providing the best solution available, you can see dramatic improvements. Clients of ours like Tembo have seen registrations & conversion metrics sore by offering something new and truly disruptive. We're not saying 'build it and they will come' but you can't gain user trust without delivering on your promise.

What is the difference between UI UX design services?

UI (user interface) design and UX design are both crucial to of create digital products. However, they serve slightly different purposes.

UI design services focuses on the visual aspects of a product. It looks at the layout, colour scheme, typography, and overall aesthetic appeal and how users interact with its interface. UI designers strive to create visually appealing that effectively communicate information and guide users through the product.

On the other hand, UX design is more concerned with the overall user experience of a product. It looks at the entire journey that a user takes while interacting with the product. From their initial impressions to their final actions.

UX designers conduct research to comprehend user needs, analyse behaviours, and identify pain points. They will then utilise this information to craft products that are intuitive, efficient, and delightful to use.

What is behind Exceptional UX design?

UX design is essential for designing products and creating apps or websites for any brand. It allows us to create digital experiences that deeply connect with users on an emotional level.

It enables us to about know how our target users interact, what they need, and what bothers them. Understanding people's needs, behaviours, and frustrations is key. Pairing these key factors with the base principles and laws of UX allows us to develop solutions. These solutions not only address the current issue but also become the preferred choice for future problems.

This user-centric approach requires a deep well of knowledge, spanning psychology, design principles, and cutting-edge technologies. The Bang brings these skills to the table. We design and optimise every interaction your customer has with your brand for maximum impact.

Elevating your brand's perception through good user experiences

Ultimately, raising the perception of your brand in your customers mind crucial. The goal of any product or brand should be to live at the forefront of it's users mind. So when the relevant topic or market comes up in conversation, your brand is the go to solution. To get there, you must build brand trust and in turn customer loyalty.

One way we can build up that brand trust is by creating useful, frictionless, and beautiful user journeys in your products. Take mobile apps for example, the average person will use between 3-8 different apps everyday - why these apps? Because they solve a specific problem well with minimal effort from a user. That daily interaction with the audience is by design, to build brand trust by repeatedly solving a users need.

The range of UX design services and tools used in the product design process are vast. However, your main focus should be on the user if your aim to increase your brand's perception. Making stunning visual designs alone won't improve your customer retention or brand loyalty. You have to first understand what your problems your audience face, and craft the digital products that solves them.

But where to begin with user research? Designers work best when creating within constraints. User testing and usability testing are perfect for giving them that if you have something out there already. Tracking how your products or services are performing will give you a solid indication of key areas to improve.

User interface designers should base every decision on the product's data. Data-driven insights create experiences that resonate with your target audience. You can incorporate these insights into your design system. That helps guarantee that the future experiences you create achieve optimal results right from the outset.

Paying attention to details and providing value can create a strong emotional bond between your brand and customers. This bond can lead to increased loyalty and advocacy.

How to drive engagement and conversions

Beyond enhancing brand perception, exceptional UX design directly impacts key business metrics. A well-crafted user experience can significantly improve engagement rates, reduce abandonment, and boost conversions across your digital channels.

Mojo Mortgages came to us looking to utilise our user experience services. We improved the number of bookings made to Mojo Mortgages' mortgage experts by 415% after revamping their UX. In fact, in all clients we take on these metrics are the things we target if they're falling below par.

In some cases, small changes to the design system is all it takes to make a significant impact on your conversion metrics. Understanding the laws of UX and how to apply them to our clients is a skill of ours.

This was the case for StrikePay. They brought in The Bang to employ our ux services to increase their transaction flow. The main goal was to reduce the time it took for a customer to tip someone on the platform. We redesigned their entire flows but truthfully it was 3 key elements that made the difference.  

The touch size of buttons, the amount of information on screen at one time, and offering up a pre-selected tip amount. These changes to their user experience saw the time to tip reduced from 16.4 seconds, to 5.8s. From 6 interactions, to 1.

User experience design services leverage principles like intuitive navigation, strategic information architecture, and seamless user flows to guide customers effortlessly through their journeys. At The Bang, we follow a strict ux design process. It identifies key areas in existing products that we can make significant improvements to.

Staying ahead of the curve with ux services

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, with new tech, regulations, platforms, and user expectations emerging at a rapid pace. To stay competitive and maintain brand relevance, businesses must be ready to adapt and refine their digital experiences.

The Bang provides the agility and expertise needed to keep pace with these changes. We stay current with design trends, technologies, and user behavior to keep your brand modern and deliver engaging experiences.

Deciding when to invest in design can be difficult, but by making the leap and enhancing your digital products, you will boost your brands value. Solid user experiences build customer loyalty, and drive long-term growth.