The Fundamental Laws of UX Design and How to Apply Them


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Luke Medlock

Why User Experience Design is key

So you’ve got an idea, or an existing product, and you know that delivering an exceptional user experience (UX) is crucial for the success of your digital products or services. However, creating a seamless and intuitive UX is no easy feat as I’m sure you’re finding out. It requires a deep understanding of user behaviour, design principles, and technological constraints. Thankfully, that’s where an expert UX design agency - or an award-winning product design studio like The Bang - can be a game-changer for your business.

At The Bang, we live and breathe the fundamental laws of UX design. These principles serve as the foundation for our approach to creating digital experiences that not only meet but exceed user expectations.

Here's how we apply these laws to unlock the full potential of your digital offering.

Fitts's Law

Making Interactions Effortless.

We understand that the bigger the target, the easier it is for users to acquire. At The Bang, this law can be seen at every level of the products we design; from ensuring buttons and touch targets in our design systems are sized appropriately and optimised for the devices they're on, to the the spacing and hierarchy we give to entire page layouts to ensure interaction points are easy to see and use. By applying Fitts's Law, we eliminate accidental taps or clicks, resulting in a frustration-free experience for your users.

Hick's Law

Simplifying Decision-Making

Too many choices can lead to decision paralysis and cognitive overload. - like when you go to watch something on Netflix, but you actually spend the first half an hour just scrolling not knowing what to watch. By adhering to Hick's Law, we carefully curate the number of options presented to your users at any given time. Our designers employ progressive disclosure techniques, revealing additional settings or features only when necessary. We surface information and content to a user when it's most needed, and remove anything not needed in the moment to better guide a user to solving their problem. This streamlined approach helps your users navigate choices efficiently, without feeling overwhelmed.

Jakob's Law

Leveraging Familiarity

If you go between your most used social media apps, the navigation structure and often the features available are almost identical. That's by design. Users prefer interfaces that work similarly to other sites or apps they already know. That's why we conduct thorough competitive analysis to understand industry standards and user expectations. The end design will be unique, but the patterns used in the UX will feel entirely familiar, giving your users confidence in the product. By following established design patterns and conventions, we ensure that your digital products align with users' mental models.

Law of Proximity

Organising Information Effectively

Our designers leverage the law of proximity to create visual hierarchies and organise information in a way that makes sense to your users. We put the user first, sounds obvious but by understanding where a user is coming from to have even found your potential solution gives our designers the ability to design an experience that guides a user effectively. By grouping related elements together and using whitespace effectively, we facilitate quick information processing and enhance the overall clarity of your digital interfaces.

Law of Consistency

Promoting Efficient Learning

In design, both product and branding, consistency is key to creating intuitive and efficient digital experiences. At The Bang, we establish and strictly adhere to a comprehensive design system that governs UI components, interaction patterns, and visual styles. These pre-defined components allow the designers to craft entire flows that all inherit the same behaviours and styles. This consistency ensures that your users can learn and interact with your digital products seamlessly, without encountering jarring inconsistencies or confusion.

Need a UX Design consultant?

So you've invested your time here to learn about a few of the fundamentals of UX and how we can apply them to product design, but if you want to see real growth in your products performance you need to Invest in design and all the wonderful UX design services we have to offer. By partnering with The Bang, you gain access to a team of seasoned designers who deeply understand the laws of UX design and how to apply them to create exceptional user experiences that drive engagement, customer satisfaction, and real business growth.

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