AWARD WINNER: The Bang named Best Product Design Studio UK - Netty Awards


Written by

Luke Medlock

Mum, we did a thing.

The Bang has been named The Best Product Design Studio in the United Kingdom by the Netty Awards, and we think that’s an astute observation.

There’s 9,136 product design companies based in the UK listed on Clutch alone, so for The Bang to rank as number 1, is possibly our proudest achievement to date.

There’s lots of people to thank for this - starting with whoever put us forward for it, we adore you. It came out of nowhere and caught everyone here by surprise. Not because we don’t deserve it, we set out to become ‘the’ product design & branding studio, and it looks like we’re getting there.

To our wonderful clients, it’s because of your trust in us to deliver unparalleled product design that we’ve achieved this. We couldn’t do what we do without somewhere to do it.

To our designers, you are by far the most talented group I’ve ever had the privilege of grafting and crafting alongside. We’ve all come from different places and backgrounds, some from other product design companies, some this is your first. However you got here, I am so glad you did. I am immensely proud of The Bang, and love that you’ve chosen to call it your home for design.

To Kel, my co-founder & best man. You set out with me to create a different breed of product design agency. One that puts its people first, and by doing so see them go on to create truly mesmerising brands and award-winning designs for world renowned brands and products that are making a difference.

There are so many product design companies we adore that are also producing incredible work, so to be singled out ahead of them is a real honour and something we don’t take for granted.