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Our values are a daily reminder of who we are & what we’re about.

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Be the most authentic version of yourself. You’re a dynamic force of creation, be true to it. We bring people & clients into The Bang who follow that - life's too short for smoke and mirrors. Our team is raw and honest with each other and our clients; it evokes collaboration.

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We smash the expectations we live up to. We are proud to be setting the bar on design standards & ethics, then surpassing that mark each and every time.

Our collective focus on developing our knowledge is what sets us apart. We choose to learn and evolve, never settling for what's been done before.
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Our combined effect is greater than the sum of individual effort. Together, we grow. Collectively, we succeed.

Siloed opinions lead to bias, fragmentation and echo chambers. We design as a collective to mitigate those risks, getting to the right solution not just 'a' solution.
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We're always on the look-out for talented people who's values match ours. If they resonate with you, check out what positions we're hiring for currently.

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